The Blue Lake Education Foundation seeks to perpetuate core and enrichment education priorities for the Blue Lake Union School District.

The Foundation seeks to build stakeholder partnerships with Blue Lake community members, local governments and regional businesses, fraternal, non-profit and service organizations to raise awareness of the elements of a well-rounded educational experience – and to secure the resources to provide a well-rounded educational offering to all students.

The funding for our schools along with the declining enrollment in Humboldt County and Blue Lake is having a negative impact on the ability for the school district to maintain and fund core and enrichment educational opportunities despite best efforts to keep them as a priority. Critical education programs for children including Sports, Music, Languages, and Arts which are essential to a well-rounded education are no longer paid for through the general fund and we are in jeopardy of losing them altogether.

With this concern in mind, the Blue Lake Education Foundation (BLEF) was formed in April of 2009. Its purpose, to provide quality programs for all students at Blue Lake Union School by raising funds and maintaining financial stability; with a particular focus on Art, Music, and Sports most immediately. To date, with the help of generous donations and the time of many dedicated individuals, the BLEF has been able to raise in excess of $50,000 and directly restored Music, Spanish, Sports, and classroom assistance time for the Blue Lake Elementary School.

BLEF is made up of committed parents, family and community members all with one goal, to make sure that those they love have every opportunity to receive the best education possible.